Feeling Of October

The fact that I intended to start writing this blog at the beginning of October, and here I am over 3 weeks later, just starting to put my plan into action is a testament to two things:

First, it’s mid-term season. Yes, that time of year where post-secondary students retreat to their rooms or a corner of the library to furiously pack in information for their exams. The only things to bring them out of hiding being the basic necessities: food, answering nature’s call and … procrastination.  Ahh procrastination, that always-present condition that inflicts most, if not all, of us. The bane of my studying habits. The kryptonite to my Superman. Such a feeling of time being swept away when procrastination is present can be unbearable and quite frankly, disheartening. But that’s not anything to dwell on, for what is the success of an exam if not for being able to hurdle the obstacle of procrastination? What is anything in life worth if we had not had to endure some set-back or challenge that lies in our path along the way? The idea of working harder than you knew you ever could and achieving success (however you may define it) is so thrilling and rewarding. This leads me to the second item that has led to my delay of writing this blog, Baseball Playoffs!

While I am fairly excited anytime a baseball game is on, or even getting a whiff of the beginning of spring training, October is particularly exhilarating. How could it not be? The top 8 teams compete for the ultimate title in Major League Baseball, the World Series Championship! The sheer thought of being at a playoff game gives me chills! Although I’ve never been to a playoff game (Hey, the Jays are getting there right?) , watching on TV is awesome! You can feel the energy of the crowd reverberating throughout the stadium. You can see, even feel, the intensity each and every player brings onto the field; knowing their childhood dream is closer than ever before. The passion that is displayed by fans and players alike is simply overwhelming. The feeling of the post-season is indescribable, even magical.

Although I meant to ask when there were 8 teams, I’ll get your opinions now. Who’s going to win the World Series? Will it be the Red Sox, or the St. Louis Cardinals, or would you have rather seen two other teams in the playoffs? Let me know!

Thanks for taking the time to read through, I hope you related to it in some way! Until next time, enjoy the rest of October, it truly is a great time of year.